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  • Note For Employer Registration :
  • step 1 : Move mouse cursor on Employer Registration then Click on New Registration For Employer Registration
  • step 2 : You need submission no to register employer, to get submission no enter the required information
  • step 3 : Then click on submit and ok
  • step 4 : Fill all information related to Employer
  • step 5 :   if you want to change filled record click on save button,save this,when you require to change log in with Emplorer Registration Login form change record ,after finalize you have to click on submit button,after submit you can not change filled record
  • step 6 : SSF verify this record ,After verification  Employer will get user name,password and SSID on alert source
  • Note For Employer Portal :
  • step 7 : By using employer user name,password and SSID you can Login to Employer Portal
  • step 8 : If Employer user name and password is same you must have to change password
  • step 9 : By using Employer Portal you can register the contributor
  • step 10 : SSF verify this record after Verification you will get every contributor user name , password and SSID
  • step 11 : After contributor verification,login to Employer Portal with employer username ,password and SSID then fill the collections
  • Note For Contributor Portal :
  • step 12 : By using contributor user name,password and SSID you can login to Contributor Portal
  • step 13 : If contributor User name and Password is same you must have to change password